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Educational Psychology Laboratory
The Laboratory is used for imparting training in the administration, scoring and interpretation of tests to B.Ed students like

Intelligence Tests, Aptitute Tests, Creativity Tests, Achievement Tests, Maturity / Learning / Perception / Interest Tests, Mental Health Inventories, Maturity / Development Tests, Teacher Tests, Social Aspect of Personality Tests, Socio Economic Status Tests, Environment / Climate Tests, Education Administration, Personality Tests, Motivation Tests, Attitude Scale, Locus of Control, Anxiety Tests, Self Concept Tests, Interest, Thinking Style, Parental Behavior, Social Aspects of Personality, Pre-Adolescents, Leadership, Stress, Job Satisfaction, Values, Socio Economic Status, Etc.

Educational Technology Laboratory
The lab is well equipped with latest equipments for facilitating teaching-learning process and training purposes. B.Ed students are trained in handling various equipments available in the laboratory.
Students are invariably used during workshops, Extension lectures, Conference, Presentation Programmes,

Students are given training in practicing skills of teaching through Micro Teaching.
  • The Audio-Visual Material in the laboratory is as follows:
  • Video Cassettes
  • Slides
  • Projector
  • Over Head Projector
  • Audio System
  • Film Projector

Science Laboratory
The science laboratory is well equipped with the requisite facilities and equipments as per NCTE norms on desirable lines. The college has a well equipped science laboratory with two big deonstration tables, charts and models and apparatus required for conducting science practicals of school level.

This laboratory is utilized for conducting theory and practical classes both for teaching of physical sciences and life sciences. The curriculum of teaching of science requires intensive training in conducting practicals in science at high school level.

Computer Laboratory
Institution has a well equipped computer lab, which caters to the needs of B.Ed students and teachers. There are twenty multimedia computers and other equipments like Printer, Scanner, etc in the computer laboratory. In addition to this, there is one computer in office, one in Library. The Laboratory is open for accessing internet by all teachers and all the students of the college.
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